Thursday, July 23, 2015

Students Publish Paper in Journal: Letters in Organic Chemistry

Current international students and recent graduates in the Murray State University Department of Chemistry published an article with their professor in the January 2015 issue of Letters in Organic Chemistry. These students, Anusha Tamuluri, Bhanupriya Khanna and Ammar Altalib studied with Dr. Kevin D. Revell, the Assistant Dean of the Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology. Their paper, titled "Synthesis and Electro-Optical Evaluation of 2,6-Bis(arylethynyl)anthraxquinones," reported the findings of an experiment they performed. This week, these students were featured as #RacerScholars at Murray State University. The abstract is as follows:
A series of 2,6-bis(arylethynyl)anthraquinones was prepared via double Sonogashira coupling to 2,6-diiodoanthraquinone, and characterized with regard to their optical and electronic properties. Substitution with a derivatized phenylethynyl group produced a lambda(onset) of 366 nm (E-g = 3.4 eV), but the more highly conjugated 2,6-bis(9′-anthracylethynyl)anthraquinones exhibited a lambda(onset) of approximately 540 nm (E-g = 2.3 eV). Poor solubility in the unsubstituted 9′-anthracylethynyl system hampered complete characterization or purification, but the 10′-hexanoylanthrac-9′-ylethynyl analog exhibited significantly better solubility. The preparation of several other functionalized derivatives was also explored, and key synthetic findings are reported.

Synthesis and Electro-Optical Evaluation of 2,6-Bis(arylethynyl)anthraxquinones

By: Anusha Tumuluri, Bhanupriya Khanna, Ammar Altalib

and Dr. Kevin D. Revell

Letters in Organic Chemistry

January 2015, vol. 12(5), pgs. 337–343

doi: 10.2174/1570178612666150203004458

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